Opportunities Are Fairy Tales

An opportunity is a myth. What we call opportunities, are just the things in life that are presented to us through time and space in which we have potential to benefit. These situations are usually presented to us with little to no effort at all from our own driven desires. Sure, we can take advantage of these situations and use them to benefit our own livlihood but what does that mean for our society. We have all heard the saying, “Waiting for the right opportunity,” or better yet, “waiting for a door to open.” There is no door, there is no opportunity and there is no time to wait for an illusion. Go through life realizing that the “opportunity” we were once told to wait for has been sitting in our minds the entire time. Do not wait for someone to tell you its possible. Dont let fear of hold you back from jumping and do not let an illusive door block you from being exactly who you want to be.


Richard Roseman



His World in the Distance

It was here, green trees, the purest air, the clearest thoughts.

It was here where my world was created. Fantasy beasts and monsters.

I alone was the protector of it all. No fear of the dark but discovery in my bones, like it was meant to be there.

I gave them names; I gave them a story.

I lived that story better than my own reality.

In the distance a gorge filled to the top with light, but he didnt want to be there.

He feared the place where birds no longer sang, where the future was and will be. He admired the dense fog and all its mystery.

Rainy days were my days, the flow of the creek was the root of my anticipation.

Years go and gone and with them my story, but I remember now and so does he..